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ARK Shelter

Michiel De Backer, Jakub Senkowski, and Martin Mikovčák are international architectural entrepreneurs who put together their heads to rethink the way people live their fast and stressful lives. That’s how ARK was born. A cocoon without TV, a silent place to appreciate nature we lost touch with and a cozy house to find yourself. ARK offers it all with a luxurious touch of life.

The philosophy behind ARK is providing a place to live in the wild, back to basics. With the sides folding open, ARK takes in the landscape and becomes an extension of nature. Its panoramic view and low impact makes it more than ever possible to enjoy camping without giving up luxury.

With its zero impact, ARK leaves the surrounding nature untouched. Its minimalist design doesn’t have ambition to stand out, but wants to merge into the landscape. Your own ark, subtle hidden in the landscape because of its mobile foundations, can be placed everywhere you can imagine. By collecting rainwater and using wind power for electricity production ARK becomes a self-supporting house. This ecological shelter is sustainable and totally independent with respect for surrounding nature, and that’s what makes ARK so unique.

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