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October 27 2016

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Stone Creek Camp / Andersson Wise Architects

September 22 2016

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House P | Yonder – Architektur und Design

This holiday home located in the picturesque Weiler-Simmerberg town in Germany is inspired by vernacular architecture but the design is distinctive and strikingly modern. As the house was designed for a family of seven, the Yonder – Architektur und Design studio maximized the living space within the allowed building area and included traditional design cues of the Allgäu region along with contemporary features to create an elegant and modern version of a mountain cabin.

September 14 2016

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Skåpet Mountain Lodges in Soddatjørn / KOKO architects

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Daily inspiration. Learn more about the project www.aestate.be

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September 13 2016

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Narin Chair | David Irwin

British industrial designer David Irwin has created a space-saving wooden chair for Case Furniture that can be folded up and hung on a wall. Aiming to fill a gap in the market for affordable collapsible wooden chairs,Irwin designed Case Furniture’s Narin to be used in small apartments.The wooden chair features a simple silhouette made up of rounded legs, a curved backrest and seat.

August 17 2016

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August 07 2016

August 01 2016

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Inspiration: WorkSpace

1| Trinh Nguyen   2| ODA Design Studio   3| Duc TayOne   4| Annete Manuilova

5| BlackHaus Studio   6| MARK Studio   7| Elisabeth Tangen Johansen 

8| Angelina T

July 27 2016

July 09 2016

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mondoblogo: #GianniColumno, “Aventric Structure”, 1962 #GroupZero

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July 07 2016

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פירגון (Firgun), also an act of saying nice things or doing nice things to another person without any other purpose, but to make the other feel good about what he is or what he does.

June 19 2016

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Life in Progress Concrete Clock LYON BETON

June 13 2016

June 08 2016

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Züco - Little Perillo Stoff-Variante - if you want to buy it or you want to see more pictures follow this link: goo.gl/HbXnCu

June 05 2016

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leather folio from  inSidegift

May 29 2016

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April 18 2016

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